What is Oxalis?


Oxalis is the  first and the only open sourced implementation of PEPPOL specification for Access Point. It was originally developed by Steinar Overbeck Cook, SendRegning and later Difi ( Norweign Digitalization Agency ) took control over the product development and maintenance activities. From Sep 2020 onwards, the Oxalis became a community project, a formal community of members has been established which has mostly from the organization that already uses the product in their Access Point services. 

Oxalis is built to be used either as an API component in your own program or can be a standalone solution depending upon your usage. 

Whole of oxalis program is divided into eight separate modules. 

Various modules in Oxalis 

ModulePurpose / Description
API This is the base of all the other modules in the project. It contains the abstract type of all the program interfaces. These defined abstract types have been implemented in the various other modules in the projects.    
CommonResources which will be shared among both inbound and outbound modules in the project are present in this module. This also provides some of the default implementations for abstract types defined in the API module. 
DistDifference distributions of the outbound service are defined in this module. Outbound service is defined as a standalone java routine, a Command Line Utility (CLU) and a micro service built on Guice framework. . 
ExtensionImplements plug-in integration on oxalis program for dynamically extending the capabilities of the application. 
This also includes an extension of AS2 plug-in which is default extension for oxalis program. And there are sample, testbet extensions. 
NOTE : Latest peppol specification uses AS4, protocol, that extension for oxalis has been developed in a separate project (Oxalis-AS4). 
InboundImplements routines to handle the incoming traffic into the access point. 
LegacyAbstract types and default implementation to gather statistics on operations of transmission and reception of documents. 
OutboundFunctions defined to send documents through access point 
TestPerforming unit tests on all other other modules in the program. 
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