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Zirius ERP

Electronically send/receive your invoices using ZIRIUS ERP

Zirius ERP is implemented based on PEPPOL specification and is equipped to, seamlessly, send and receive e-Invoices through Zirius Access Point.

Reach us for a demo.

Follow four easy steps to do
e-Invoicing in Zirius ERP


Step 1

Application Formalities

Fill the application form in "Contact us" page and we will contact you for a brief demo. Psst...We never share your personal details outside our application.

We are GDPR compliant.


Step 2


After the demo, we help you to, easily, register your company with us.


Step 3

Start Using Zirius ERP System

Once registered, your supplier e-Invoices are automatically received into your account with Zirius ERP and are saved as "Inbound Invoices" for further processing.


Step 4

Creating E Invoice Using Zirius ERP System

Sending an e-Invoice to your customer’s system is made easy by entering your customer's participant ID into the Invoice Medium information.


Request your customer for their Access Point participant Identifier and add the customer information in the Zirius ERP with Invoice Medium set to ‘Access Point’. Zirius ERP only accepts valid participant Identifiers.


While creating the invoice , selecting the customer would set the Invoice Medium to ‘Access Point’ and Participant Id from customer information provided earlier.


Upon clicking the ‘Create Invoice’ button, Zirius ERP would create the e-Invoice document and send it through Zirius Access Point to your customer’s system.