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Build your

We have been operating our access point for a very long time. We have gained lots of experience in setting up and operating Access Point and Supporting services.

Our access point has been optimized to transmit hundreds of thousands of documents every day.

Become a member in OpenPEPPOL association and apply for the licence to operate PEPPOL enabled Access Point.

Any organisation registered in Norway should approach Difi (Norweign Digitalization Agency) to apply for a membership in OpenPEPPOL association and licence to opearte PEPPOL enabled access point in the PEPPOL e-Delivery Network.

Other European countries could get the necessary information from the PEPPOL web site to apply for the PEPPOL membership and licence.

Organisation in countries where PEPPOL does not operate are required to estabilish a branch or a proxy organisation in any of the one of the European country to get the licence to operate PEPPOL Access point. Whatever your requirement be, contact us, we are willing to guide you in the process.

Setting up your infrastruture

Access Point using Oxalis program

Oxalis is the widely used open source program for PEPPOL Access Point implementation. We have gained experience in installation and maintenance of oxalis program for access point operations.

By collaborating with us, we could save you a lot of time in installation process and operationalize your access point without delay.

Integrate with your business application

Customization in Oxalis

We maintain our own separate code base for Oxalis. We have a deep understanding of the oxalis program structure and various modules in the oxalis project. Customization for integration would be performed by us.